Robyn Taylor is a multi talented singer, songwriter, performer and entertainer with a wealth of experience of 30 years in the business which guarantees a first class show with a versitility to suit any venue or audience.


Robyn was born in the small village of Westburn in Cambuslang on the outskirts of Glasgow.  Like any little girl, Robyn dreamed of being a pop star, just like her idols at the time and would put on little shows with her friends in the back garden singing into a hairbrush & pretending to be on stage.


She first sang "in public" at a New Year party where, in family tradition, everyone had to do a party piece.  So at the age of 12, and with a lot of encouragement from her Grandfather, she plucked up the courgage and sang.

Sitting at her Grandfathers feet, a little nervous shy voice came out and not once did she look up but she sang. The room was totally silent until she finished and everyone applauded and cheered.  High school saw her join the choir and she took part in the yearly pantomime and end of term shows which enhanced her love of music.


At the age of 21, whilst on holiday in Fife in Scotland, a singer was playing at the local hotel and had asked if anyone would like to sing. Robyn's cousin shouted out her name and the next thing she knew she was up singing.  This was different though, no hiding in a choir, no singing just for family, this was singing to strangers!  Robyn sang "Blanket on the Ground" by Billy Joe Spiers and the crowd loved it.  She loved it too!


In a bizarre twist of events, Robyn and the singer became a couple and a duo act who called themselves "Calibra" and went on to perform in clubs all over Scotland. 

In 1997 they moved to Majorca and completed two successful summer seasons and as Robyn's confidence and ability grew, she began to  feel restricted, held back and frustrated with the act and the relationship. "Calibra" broke up and she returned home to Scotland.


Robyn then joined an all male group and together they called themselves "Central Park".  Mainly performing at weddings and functions, this taught her a lot about musicality, timing and harmony.  At the same time she would be singing in talent competitions and was placed with regular success.  Robyn saved her winnings from these competions and in 1996 bought her first PA system and went out on her own as a solo act.

Not content with just playing in Scotland, and armed with the previous experience in Majorca, Robyn moved to Lanzarote in 1997 for initially 6 months and stayed for 2 years.  This was another great learning curve for Robyn and as her confidence grew her cheeky side began to show and people would not only come to hear her sing but to enjoy the comedy banter as well.


Returning to Scotland, in 1999, Robyn began performing again on the Scottish cabaret circuit.


She recorded a CD called "Moment to Moment" in 2005 which was a compilation of songs she personally  loved to sing.  This was the first time she had been in a recording studio and she loved the experience.  On listening to this CD, more and more people were saying what a great country voice she had and should record more songs like that.  Robyn had always loved country music but found people would say it was old fashioned or not trendy. 

A cousin, who lived in America, was over for a visit to Scotland and listened to her CD and advised her to look up new country singers like Carrie Underwood, Reba McIntyre, Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride, Leanne Rhymes and Gretchen Wilson. Robyn loved this 'new country sound" and went back into the studio with these artists songs and recorded “My Kinda Country”.


2014 saw Robyn make two appearances on Sky TVs 'Music Express Show' and she later went on to record a 12 track DVD with them.


Robyn entered a competion on-line to compete in The Country Music Euro Masters in 2013 and was selected as a finalist to perform in Germany.  This competition included country acts from throughout Europe, and only two were selected from the UK - Robyn being one of them, singing a variety of 15 country songs over 3 days and 5 rounds.


Robyn was delighted to be  placed second in the solo country female catagory.

In 2014 Robyn saw her dream of recording her own songs come to life.  Robyn had always been good at writing poems and people would ask her to write poems for Birthdays and presentations .  She had also written a few comical parodies which she includes in her cabaret shows but she would also pen her own compositions as well.


However, Robyn did not play any instruments so she needed a musician to collaberate with.  On a chance recommendation by another artist she was given Greg Friel as a contact.

Greg is a Glasgow based singer/songwriter and producer and Robyn went along to his recording studio for a meeting to talk about perhaps collaberating on material.  The connection between them was instant with a song written at that first meeting!


New material has been ongoing along with video productions and most recently she has released some of this work on an EP called "Better Days" which is availbale to buy on iTunes and Amazon.

2016 saw one of these songs 'In The Arms Of Love' entered in the UK Songwriting Competition where it reached the finals from over 6,500 entries.

to order from the website.

2016 saw one of these songs 'In The Arms Of Love' entered in the UK Songwriting Competition where it reached the finals from over 6,500 entries.


After three years in the making Robyn's album 'The Way I Wanna Be' was released on iTunes and CD. She says this album is 'My life in song. The highs, the lows and everything in between'. 11 tracks (with bonus acoustic and remix tracks) of very personal heartfelt, passionate contemporary country songs with a tip of the hat to classic country. Robyn Taylor is walking the line into fresh new sounds. Available now on iTunes and Amazon. CD available to order from the website.